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Liebster Award 2018 ?

Hey Blog Fam! LONG POST WARNING ??I have received 2 nominations for the Liebster Award 2018! I was nominated by The Stubborn Australian ???? and ????TASHNEE.V.MAVEE Thank you both!!! ?? Their blogs are awesome and you should click the links above ?????? and check them out! Like seriously, do it! About The Liebster Award Recognizing… Continue reading Liebster Award 2018 ?


National Widow’s Day

Yes, it’s a thing. Today is National Widow’s Day #widowedstrong #saytheirname JONATHAN ROBERTS Did you know… 800,000 people are widowed each year? Did you know… 700,000 of those are women? Did you know… most widows live in poverty? (Over 115 million world wide) Did you know… “death of a spouse” is listed as the #1… Continue reading National Widow’s Day

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Power in Being Real

Awhile back I had finally worked up the nerve to watch one of the sermons Jonathan preached. I knew shortly after turning it on that it was something I needed to hear. My counselor once said that God knew back then what messages to speak through Jonathan, what people needed to hear. This one was… Continue reading Power in Being Real

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Broken Glass(es)

I did something today, something very simple, that actually holds great significance. I ordered new glasses. Big deal right? Yes. Yes it is. I had my yearly eye appointment to get my contacts. I wore my glasses there because I was actually totally out of my contacts. While I was there they had me read… Continue reading Broken Glass(es)