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I Have Learned

The older I get, the more wisdom I gain, and as my relationship with the Lord continues to evolve and grow, things just become much more simplified. I don’t worry about the things that I used to. Things that used to get me upset/worked up, things that used to hurt my feelings, etc. just don’t… Continue reading I Have Learned

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Power in Being Real

Awhile back I had finally worked up the nerve to watch one of the sermons Jonathan preached. I knew shortly after turning it on that it was something I needed to hear. My counselor once said that God knew back then what messages to speak through Jonathan, what people needed to hear. This one was… Continue reading Power in Being Real

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A Split Second

For those of you that have lost someone... Do you ever have moments where it hits you, out of nowhere, like a ton of bricks?? I do and it's a terrible feeling. There are actually lots of mornings that begin that way for me. The worst is what just happened to me. I was sitting… Continue reading A Split Second

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Is There Really a Choice?

I'll be honest, there have been several times where I truly wanted to throat punch someone who said to me that happiness is a choice. I often thought to myself, "how in the world is it as easy as saying that I choose to be happy when I feel so bad?" I have even told… Continue reading Is There Really a Choice?