Grief to Life

Don’t rely on others for your happiness. You will find that true happiness lies within. Have the courage to seek it out.

Before it’s too late

Love this ❤️ Faith — Read on

What do I do next?

When life overwhelms you, when you are plagued by confusion and fear, just breathe. Regardless of how it feels, it will get better. It will be okay.

Storms will always come. While we are in the storm, it can feel like it will never end. Hold on. The storm will end. Brighter days are surely ahead.

I saw this posted on Facebook by Lessons Learned in Life and it really hit home. I spent the majority of my life doing exactly what this says you shouldn’t do....

We will never stop talking about them. We need to remember because the memories are all we have left. We need you to remember them too. Talk about them. Share a...