Memories Have To Do

I missed you so much today.

I’ll miss you tomorrow too.

Not a single day goes by

that I don’t think of you.

How does a heart broken

continue to beat?

How can it possibly go on

when there are pieces forever missing

because you are gone?

Some say, “you need to get past it.”

Some say, “enough time has gone by.”

They can’t fathom this kind of pain.

I wouldn’t want them to even try.

There are days I feel it’s too much.

There are times I think I can’t make it through.

I remind myself, someday we’ll be together again.

For now, the memories will have to do.

6 thoughts on “Memories Have To Do”

  1. Joni. Keep holding those sweet memories. Look at the pictures of joyful times you had, the two of you, and the whole family.
    Don’t let the happy memories be stolen from you, because that means he wasn’t important enough to remember.
    God Bless you always.

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