Break the Silence

People are often afraid to bring up our loved ones. They, with the best of intentions, don’t want to say something that might bring hurt or pain.

Let me help you.

There isn’t anything that can hurt me worse or cause more pain than I’ve already experienced.

That being said, please know that the silence is what brings hurt.

We NEED to hear their names.

We WANT people to talk about them, to tell stories, etc.

Help us by reminding us that they haven’t been forgotten.


8 thoughts on “Break the Silence”

    1. The names of our loved ones who have passed away. To hear stories of how their friends enjoyed their company, “so and so always made the funniest comments when we were jogging (or whatever you were doing).” or “I really miss our tennis matches, (or baseball games etc) I always had to slow down so he could win, or he use to beat the pants off of me” or “I remember the time he/she did…..and I bust a gut laughing” etc etc etc. We enjoy the memories, it brings a smile to think of the interaction our loved one had with their friends and others. It’s a treat to be able to hear those memories from their friends.

  1. Thank you for sharing!… the best way to heal is to live the memories!. 🙂

    “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss

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