Living w/ Grief

You will always grieve the one you lost. Always. No amount of time will change that. You need to hear something today though. They would want you to live. They would want you to be happy. Easier said than done, I know, but you have to try. I look at it this way and it helps me when it gets really hard. You are living for 2 now. Do the things that they didn’t get to. Be a blessing to others and do it in their memory. Give this life you have left live meaning and purpose. That doesn’t mean you won’t miss them. You will. That doesn’t mean they are forgotten. They aren’t. That doesn’t mean the void they left is gone. It isn’t. It means that you have decided to honor their life in the way you decide to live yours going forward.
Choose to live today.

11 thoughts on “Living w/ Grief”

  1. I so needed this today!! Thank you!! I try to bless someone everyday! It’s hard but it’s what she would expect of me!

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