8 thoughts on “More Than A Memory”

  1. Good Evening Joni. You continue to be a great model and mentor to your Daughter and Son. In your writing on this post, and obviously in your daily life, you show the value and importance of the life of your husband, their father, before his much too early passing.
    Your Daughter and Son have learned, and continue to learn, the value he had in his life. As well, they are learning the value of a strong marital, family relationship.
    Although they were young when their father unfortunately passed away, they will never forget the remarkable heritage they have from you and he.
    They have learned, are still learning through you, love, honour, respect never die once they are earned, and you keep sharing each of these so honestly and powerfully, your Son and Daughter are blessed to have the opportunity to learn and hold onto these values.
    Beyond your family, Joni, many who know you personally, or read and follow your blog, are also able to learn how to continue in life after a devastating experience. Your life is a beacon allowing the Light of the Life of the world, Jesus Christ, to shine through.
    Thank you Joni, and God Bless you and your family during this celebration of Resurrection Sunday, when we again reflect on the Love of Christ, and His sacrifice being the reason we are able to have the assurance of Eternal Life with Him, and loved ones who also know Jesus Christ as Saviour.

      1. Happy Easter Joni, to you and your Daughter and Son. We can celebrate this day, because we know the Resurrection of Christ, and our Acceptance of Him, is the reason you will again see your husband in Heaven, and will rejoice with him, worshiping the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hallelujah!

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