My Babies

They will be 17 & 19 this year. I remember once, I’ll never forget it, someone criticized me for calling Chase, baby. My Dad said, don’t you listen to that for a second. He is your baby. They are both your babies and they always will be.
Being a Mom is the most rewarding thing that one can be in their life. It can also be heartbreaking. It’s because a Momma’s heart was made to love her babies with an intensity that is bigger than we can comprehend. We just want the absolute best for them.
What I finally had to realize is that these people are on loan to me. As much as I love them, God loves them so much more. He created them and they belong to Him. I have to trust that no matter what happens, He has them in His hands and He is in control. So hard to let go and let God, but I have to.
Each one of us, even our children, have our own individual path to walk in this life. I have to remind myself of that daily and just say, “I trust you Lord.”

21 thoughts on “My Babies”

  1. Thanks for your sharing, my dear Joni 🙂
    I always love your honesty in your writing and that you have trust in God as well. Also He alone knows why your husband had to leave – He knows our heart and background and in His hands, all will be fine.
    Have a great time, my friend and be happy with your big babies 🙂

  2. I agree and years ago – god reminded us that our children were “his kids first” and entrusted to us – I love how you wrote this – ahhhh
    trust in god brings so much peace

  3. Joni, you have the Heart of God, and the heart of a Mother. Your son and daughter are so blessed having you to guide them, and be the example in living a Godly life.
    Even amongst the heartache and turmoil, God had His hand on you, because you held onto Him.
    May the three of you, be bound together by the Spirit of God, giving thanks to the Son of God, our Lord Jesus always, for His willing sacrifice on Calvary, and continually worshipping our Heavenly Father, the Living God Who gave His Son for our Salvation.

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