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I missed you so much today.
I’ll miss you tomorrow too.
Not a single day goes by
that I don’t think of you.
How does a heart broken continue to beat;
how can it possibly go on?
When there are pieces forever missing
because you are gone?
Some say, “you need to get past it.”
Some say, “enough time has gone by.”
They can’t fathom this kind of pain;
I wouldn’t want them to even try.
There are days I feel it’s too much bear.
There are times I think I can’t make it through.
I remind myself that, some day, we will be together again.
For now, the memories will have to do.

18 thoughts on “Memories”

  1. I understand. The 9th anniversary of my son’s death is coming up in May, just after Mother’s Day. Time helps the pain, but there are still some days here and there of intense sorrow, because we miss them. Keep up the good fight, so you can help your little ones know their father through you. I’m sure Heavenly Father allows him glimpses of you so he will know how you are doing, make him proud.

  2. Joni, you are an amazing, sensitive woman of God. I thank you for being so honest and open, sharing your heart. You are a blessing to many.
    I pray you experience the Presence of our Lord Jesus, and His Peace, in a mighty way. Also for the Comforter Himself, the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ, to minister to you, holding you close.
    God Bless you Joni.

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