Connect 4 Connections

Hey there, my peeps!

So listen, too often there is a “follow for follow” mentality. We see it in social media and we see it here.

I’m so thankful for the connections I’ve made here. They are worth far more than statistics or numbers!

I would like for you to:

1) Link your blog in the comments. Share a little bit of your heart and what your blog is about.

2) Share someone else’s blog (link) and tell us why you like that blog so much.

3) Share this on your page too.

Let’s get connected with bloggers that we are truly interested in and help others do the same!

Aaaaand go! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

5 Comments on “Connect 4 Connections

  1. Hi I’m Roger. My blog site is It’s titled “My Journey through grief and faith. ” As far as I can tell, I’m one of the few men who blog about their grief. My daughter Amanda passed away 2/5/16 from sepsis. She was 20. I write about her and my journey through this mess. Hugs.

  2. Hi Roger. I’m so very sorry for your loss and so proud you are finding a constructive way to deal with it and help others struggling with loss. I’ll definitely check your blog out! May God bless you!


    Hi there! Thanks for the post. It’s a great way to promote connections! I enjoy reading about your journey! My blog is called “Journey For Life” because that’s what we’re on. It’s a collection of thoughts past and present to hopefully encourage people to live a life that matters. Please stop by! I’d love to see you!

  4. My blog page is called One More Day. I’ve been a widower for almost 2 years and my page is an inspiring way to help, learn, and share what it means to be alive for One More Day. Check out my page on FACEBOOK @onemoreday or my blog page Thanks Joni for letting us share our lives with each other.

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