What is Your Drug?

Wow. One of the best, most thought provoking posts I’ve read. I struggle with grief as well as the fear of letting go. Never had I thought of them as a drug. Will probably have to read this several more tones to fully process my thoughts. A must read…

14 thoughts on “What is Your Drug?”

  1. Intriguing!
    I’ve just finished reading ‘The Information’ a book that infers we inhabit only a field of information – energy ‘bits’. Like an organic version of the Internet.
    We humans then create the universe in our minds, in our brains, from this information. There seems to be an echo of what Alexander is saying in your quote here – no wonder we can get addicted to our own thoughts.

  2. I thought it good call it what you will a drug or repetitive thoughts which come from demons to demoralise us. We have to change our thoughts constantly to be positive. This is why we have to empower our soul to connect strongly with God.

      1. Those are some good things to be addicted to. Let those addictions replace the addictions in your life you don’t want there. One day at a time. ?

  3. alcohol was my drug, but now anti-depressants (which help keep my mind from wandering to the negative) and God’s love are my answer.

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