Poem I wrote 8/5/14

They say it gets easier, regardless of how you feel. Just be patient, your heart will heal. Give it time, that’s the only cure. Well, I keep waiting, I’m just not so sure. Every day that goes by, I miss you a little more. Everywhere I go, it’s you I look for. When I open my eyes each morning and when I close them every night, I expect for you to be there, right by my side. What does it really mean, to say you’re in my heart? Cause you took it with you; you had all of it from the start. With everything in me, I try to be okay. I try to be strong, keep going each day. But if I’m being honest, I’m putting on a brave face. Pretending to have faith, even when that’s not the case. Uncertainty is all I know for sure, it’s hard to see past today.

I’ll never stop asking, why you just couldn’t stay.

So time keeps on moving, but one thing will never change. A love like ours is forever and I can’t wait for that day. I think about it often, just how it will be.

I know I’ll run straight to you and we’ll start our eternity.

~ Joni Roberts Grief to Life