It’s Okay Today

The moment I opened my eyes this morning I knew that it would be one of those days. It’s a grief day. Sounds silly but I don’t know what else to call it. Grief can be tricky and sneaky. Although it’s something that stays with you, it still can come in deeper form; like a wave to crash over you, at anytime, without notice. That’s how I feel today. Like I was hit by a ton of bricks, each of them carrying it’s own feeling. A lot of times, when these days come, I do my best to just carry on as usual. Other times, I couldn’t if I wanted to. Today is the latter. I’m just sad and I miss my person. I’m going to just let that be okay today.


  1. Those days happen to those of us who have lost their person- and happen almost unannounced. I had a day like that, recently. The wave comes in and recedes. You are making the right choice, to press on. ❤

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  2. Obviously you had a very beautiful relationship…worth every moment of grief for the love lost…I’m hoping for the day when you are able to smile through the grief of those memories

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  3. Never stifle your feelings, it’s healthy to feel all your emotions.

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  4. carlos SP says:

    Today when these days hit me, I try not to resist and I pour myself at the feet of the Lord Jesus.
    I kneel and pray, and dismantle myself like clay in the water until I feel able to rise and continue.
    Indeed, we have no ability to deal with our evils and weaknesses, and if we are strong and have faith, we know that the place of support, refuge, and comfort and that reassures us is the LORD.

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  5. joyroses13 says:

    I am so sorry, but you are so right, those days will come. I believe too that there are times you have to just go on but also times where you just gotta let yourself grieve. Take time for yourself. If you can and the weather is nice, perhaps go outside. I have found nature to be such a great therapist. Prayers!

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  6. gmgoetz says:

    Joni: When you are wakened by a “special day” feeling, go with it, resting in our Heavenly Father. Don’t be embarrassed by it, don’t feel bad about it. Rest in special memory moments.
    Our Lord Jesus went off by Himself often to spend time with His Father. We are not always told His reasons, but since He did, there is nothing wrong with us having a Special ABBA FATHER time.
    God Bless.

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  7. Qui Talks says:

    Stay strong mama…you are a beautiful warrior!💞


  8. myplace3187 says:

    Take all these days one at at a time. You are handling them which is great news. Grief is as you have stated is always there. smile about the good times which Your Love Story had thousands. Kick back and enjoy the past as it should be today. God bless you Joni !

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  9. God bless you. My heart goes out to you. Lovely pictures of you both as a beautiful couple and also your kids.

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  10. Mia says:

    Hope today is better.😢 (((Hugs)))❤️

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  11. shwetaspree says:

    You two look wonderful together. I just pray that his memories give you strength. It must be tough, something which can never be explained in words but you will sail through. I am sure tomorrow would be better. Sending you love. ❤

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  12. May strength and peace forever be your tomorrow! You’re on my prayer list! Be blessed my dear sister!

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