As stated in one of my recent posts, I’m on a journey of reflection and walking through past hurts that still have a hold, of some sort, in my life. Concurrently, I’m taking a class through my church. The title of the class is called Freedom and it’s about learning to be free from all of the things that hold you back in your spiritual walk. In last night’s class, we were working on an exercise where we had to choose an experience relating to a job, relationship, or faith that we could work through a particular process with. The overall premise to this exercise is to ask yourself questions about this situation to help you gain a deeper understanding, so you can effectively work through it. Such as; how it would make you feel, thoughts you might have, what your beliefs are and how they might effect the way you handle the situation, etc. You then ask yourself what God says about the situation, what the truth is, and ultimately how the truth can change the situation. I chose a circumstance in which someone shared very personal information about another individual’s past with another person. This ended up causing hurt to several people. Now, what really tripped me up was that I was easily able to identify what God would say about it and how that could change the outcome. But, my heart did not line up. I realized that how I would handle this dilemma would be very different.

So what do I do?!

Yes, this was about me. This is a real situation with real hurt and, if I’m being perfectly honest, unforgiveness. Someone has hurt me very deeply and I still can’t settle, in my heart, how I want to handle it. The exercise reveals that I should hand the situation over to God as He is ultimately in control. If God is in control then I should take myself out of the equation and let Him handle it. I can only presume that means I need to forgive and let go. This. Is. My. Struggle. If it was that easy I would have done that already!

I need to do something, I know that, because this was very painful to me and I don’t want to keep holding on to the hurt and I hate carrying unforgiveness.

Here’s where I would like your perspective… Do I go to that person and let them know that I’m hurt and why? Do I just forgive and let go; believing that God will deal with and handle it? Something different? What would you do and why?