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This is us

This picture popped up today. If ever there was a picture that captured our little family, without words, this would be it.
We laughed. A lot. We smiled. A lot.
I sometimes look at old pictures and see the difference in our eyes and our smiles. They’ve changed. I see pictures or think of old memories and my heart is happy and I smile. But, it makes me so sad. Not just because we miss him so much, that’s a given. I miss those smiles on my children. The real, genuine, and innocent smiles. I’m sad because of the pain and struggle they have experienced as children. It makes me mad because I feel like they have been cheated. I do believe with all my heart that God will restore their hearts and bring real joy back into their lives but, it still makes me sad. That’s how I feel today and that’s okay.
Sure, there were the normal family downs and we surely had our share of struggles but this… This is us.

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