Loving Someone Who Has Lost A Spouse

This blog post was written by (what we call in the widow world) my “chapter 2”. This is his perspective on being with someone who has lost a spouse. I know it can’t be easy as those of us who have loved and lost are traveling a very difficult road; one that most people couldn’t fathom. I so appreciate his patience and understanding.

When I was first asked about writing a blog, I wasn’t sure what to think as it is something that I have never done or even thought about doing. It was suggested that I write to those people, whether it’s a man or woman, who are dating or want to date someone that has lost a spouse.

Since I’m a man, I will cover it from my perspective of falling in love with a beautiful woman who lost her husband in a tragic auto accident. Let me be clear from the beginning, loving a woman that has lost her husband is not easy. Of course, nothing about love ever is! Whether it’s your first love in high school, your college sweetheart, or the woman you marry; love isn’t easy. However, when you mix in the fact that the person they love is no longer here, it becomes extraordinarily tough. Then…

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