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Don’t be Scared of my Grief

Why are people so scared of grief?
Why are people so uncomfortable with other people’s pain; so much so that people would rather stay away than actually be there when you are hurting??
I’ve thought about this SO many times over the last five years. For the longest time I have done nothing but make excuses for people.
But let’s get honest here…
When someone has a major loss in their life, shouldn’t people be around? Is it that person’s responsibility to reach out and try and get people to be there? Maybe the answer is yes, I don’t know. But you know what?? I think that is not only wrong, but it flat out sucks!!!
Look, I get that people are uncomfortable with other people’s pain. I get that it’s easier for people to assume that the person has lots of people around them and tons of support. I get that it’s easier to just think, aren’t they over it already??
Guess what??? When someone suffers a life altering loss, they don’t expect you to have all the right answers. They don’t expect you to fix it. You don’t know what to say?? Let me help you… Just say something! You don’t know what to do?? Let me help you… Just show up!
And while I’m at it let me help you with one more thing… We don’t get it over it! Ever!

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