Be The Change

Every single one of us has made mistakes and done things we aren’t proud of; we all have a past. If we could only stop pointing the finger at others, maybe they would do the same, and we could just be kind to one another. Criticism and judgment take more energy than tolerance. It has to start somewhere. Each one of us has the opportunity to choose to be the change.

What if?

How is that others have so much control over us? We care too much what they think. We make decisions based on their expectations of us. We even allow them control of our time. What if we take that control back? What if we start making decisions based on what is best for us? What happens when we finally allow ourselves to lay down those expectations? I want to see what happens. Maybe I will feel guilty. But maybe, just maybe, I will feel free.

Single = An Opportunity

If you are single…

Single isn’t a label, a derogatory term, and most certainly doesn’t define you. Take this time to find yourself and what makes you happy. I promise, if you do this outside of finding it in someone else, you won’t be sorry. When the right one finds you (and they will) you will be so much happier and a much better partner for your person and a much better version of yourself for you!

Just. Be. Kind.

The world we now live in has changed how we treat each other. People are more concerned with what they are entitled to and being heard than anything else; treating people well has become a lost art. Think about this for a moment; people really do matter. The world of social media and living behind our phones and keyboards have caused us to dehumanize each other. It makes it so much easier to take someone’s feelings out of the equation when you don’t have to look them in the eye. But what about the idea of basic human decency, the morals and principles that most of us were raised to believe? I can’t control anyone but me, I know that, but regardless of how ugly the rest of the world decides to get; I’m going to treat others how I would want to be treated.

Rainbows & Sunshine

Life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Those that portray “perfect” for all too see, with no glimpse of real life, are not only pretending for the camera, they’re lying to themselves. It’s actually very sad. Working so hard to make things “appear” a certain way is exhausting. It’s also hurting others as it’s only contributing to the picture so many already have in their head that tells them they just aren’t enough. Let’s combat what society has engrained in us by committing to being and showing more of our authentic selves.
Just as you are; you are enough

You Should be Here

This ⬆️

Although grandchildren aren’t in the picture yet, this couldn’t be more true. Thinking ahead to that chapter of my life is sometimes too hard to even attempt; my heart won’t often let me go there.

You should be here.

You should have been here for all our kids have experienced and gone through, these last 7.5 years. Wait 😳- even just typing that number out seems so unreal.

You should be here now because they both need you so much. We have spent much time as of late talking about how different things would be, the heartache that we could have been spared, and all the things lost that might still be…had you not been taken from us. Sure, life would not have been perfect, but it would have been perfect to us because we would have walked through it all together. You could have never imagined the huge impact your loss would have on our lives and our hearts.

You should be here when our kids enter the next phase of their lives, when they begin their careers and pursue their heart’s desires, and when they eventually start families of their own. When there are grandchildren in the picture… I still can’t imagine you not being here for all of this. They will know you though! They will hear about your laugh, your sense of humor, your love for music, and how you would have tickled them, played with them, and how you would love them so big. They will hear about it all. They will know you.

You should be here.

Grief is Complicated

Clearly we grieve the person we lost, but what many don’t understand is that is only part of it.

We grieve who we were together, all that we shared, and who we were when they were here.

We grieve all the important things they have missed, and will miss.

We grieve the future we were supposed to have together.

The list goes on, and on.

Grief is complicated.