My Constant

An Open Letter to My Dad in Heaven Dad, I woke up this morning feeling different than I ever have in my entire life. There isn’t even an adjective that could adequately describe it. I should be able to use a word I’ve used before because I know the pain

Change and Balance

Change. It’s inevitable! Sometimes change is exciting and at times, scary. It can be tough and uncomfortable to navigate through. It can also be easy to be derailed in transition. I’ll give you an example. When I started this blog it was at a point in my life when change

It’s the little things 🦋

I always have a butterfly come to me while at the cemetery, since the very first time. Leaving the cemetery today I stopped and looked across the street into the field. I saw a butterfly. Then I saw a few more. I looked closer and there were actually hundreds of

Kids and Grief

Children who have lost a parent should be shown MORE love, not experience more loss.

Remember me??

Hey Blog Fam ❤️ I’ve been MIA for several weeks. I started a new job and it’s definitely been a huge adjustment for me. It has taken most of my time and almost all of my energy! But, I’m settling into my new routine and hoping to be back here

Letting Go 2.0

How do you let go when your heart still loves them with every beat?

Unapologetically Me

Be unapologetically YOU ♥️

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