Kids and Grief

Children who have lost a parent should be shown MORE love, not experience more loss.

Remember me??

Hey Blog Fam ❤️ I’ve been MIA for several weeks. I started a new job and it’s definitely been a huge adjustment for me. It has taken most of my time and almost all of my energy! But, I’m settling into my new routine and hoping to be back here

Letting Go 2.0

How do you let go when your heart still loves them with every beat?

Unapologetically Me

Be unapologetically YOU ♥️

When You Don’t Fit

When you feel like you don’t fit where you used to, it can take you to a really low place. The thing to remember is, it’s not your fault, don’t stay there. It’s hard to realize that there are things that you just can’t change, but that’s part of life.

Birthday in Heaven

Happy Heavenly Birthday, my Jonathan

The Next Chapter

There are things that I need to do and things I need to finish in order to move forward into the next chapter of my life. I’ve been working hard at this. One of the most important things that I need to do is proving to be extremely difficult. I

A Website.